Credit History: How to Fix a Negative Mark

Your credit score is more than just a number. It is your financial DNA and a living history of your finances. And any marks on this have real-life ramifications that can ultimately impact loan amounts and interest rates (mortgages included!), limits on credit cards, car insurance premiums, the need for a security deposit on utilities, […]

Money Date: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

You’ve finally parked yourself on the couch at the end of a long day. Your choice: Sort through your finances or catch up on the latest binge-worthy show everyone’s talking about.  Though many would opt for the later (talking about finances and money can be stressful and challenging!), there’s good reason to choose the former.  […]

The Money Date Box in The Luminary Weekly

The Money Date Box and Founder, Kathy Entwistle, have been highlighted in The Luminary Weekly, a weekly newsletter for members of the Luminary Community. Luminary is global career and personal growth platform and communication hub with a mission to uplift, up-skill, and propel women forward through all phases of their professional journey.

The Money Date Box on

This week, our founder Kathy Entwistle was featured by as a must-follow modern money expert who “continuously delivers fun, practical advice you won’t want to miss.”  Kathy’s profile, which includes a mention of The Money Date Box, is featured among other prominent financially savvy women, including financial reporter Farnoosh Torabi, bestselling author Tiffany Aliche, […]